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This is a sad story. I've written several emails, to our governor (with no reply) stating my case. I bust my ass for minimum wage, try to better my life, and the lives of my beautiful children, and am not able to get dental coverage. It cost too much, so it was a necessary budget cut. Screw you! I told her I hope every time she looks in the mirror, or at one of her photographs she realizes how lucky she is to have something as basic as dental insurance! I hope she enjoys her healthy smile while the rest of us HARD WORKING people have to suffer in pain and losing our teeth! Fuck you Chris Gregoire!
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I had to quit my job at taco bell just to get medical insurance. I supposedly made too much to qualify for state insurance.
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Learned to hate America
 in response to Karmas Wrath...   That is very true. I have a prestigious Ph.D. from MIT, the platinum standard of the world's highest learning, yet I have been thrust into dirt poverty, because I lost all assets trying to pay for my late wife's lymphoma. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with leukemia.

I have talked to doctors, dentists, and pharmacists who agree that undocumented illegal Mexicans abuse this state's--and every states'--medical and dental services, that it is much easier for them to receive services than for American citizens.

If the politicians had any cognitive facility, and if they had any courage, they would bill the Mexican government, who doesn't want them, who send them here.

Furthermore, the U.S. should be seeking foreign aid from other countries, as this country has given many billions in aid to other countries, when they needed it. Also, the politicians should take pay cuts and should relinquish insurance coverage given to them by the tax payers.

So, as it is, the poor are expected to further lose health from the lack of dental care, which can lead to heart disease and other costly, life threatening disease.

The wealthy-powerful take great satisfaction in the sick, toothless, suffering poor, and the politicians represent only the global corporations and the very wealthy, not the average voter.
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Karmas Wrath
First off you must become a wet back, you must not be able to speak or read english, if you were born here , then give up no longer have any right to dental care, care for our elderly , or food stamps for our hungery....WERE SCREWED !!!!!!
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